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Guidance Department Staff

  • Tom Weber  tom.weber@browardschools.com Guidance Director
  • Susan Wackell  susan.wackell@browardschools.com   Counselor 9th Grade Students Last Names A - Z  
  • William McIntyre   williammcintyre@browardschools.com   Counselor Grades 10 - 12   Students Last Names A - G
  • Pearl Moses    pearl.moses@browardschools.com  Counselor Grades 10 - 12    Students Last Names H - O
  • Reina Lucas    rlucas@browardschools.com Counselor Grades 10 - 12   Students Last Names P - Z
  • Jerry StPeter  jerome.stpeter@browardschools.com Testing Coordinator
  • Marilyn Siadman  marilyn.siadman@browardschools.com BRACE Advisor
  • Yenny Hak    yenny.hak@browardschools.com Registrar & Volunteer Service Coordinator
  • Rhea Cardinale   rhea.cardinale@browardschools.com IMS & Volunteer Service Coordinator
  • Christine Herrmann   christine.herrmann@browardschools.com Guidance Data Specialist
  • Ana Pagliaro  ana.pagliaro@browardschools.com  Guidance Secretary

          - Please contact Ms. Pagliaro with questions about registering your child at Monarch H.S. (754) 322-1400





  • Attention AP student:  Need to review for the upcoming AP EXAMS?  Broward Schools is offering FREE REVIEW SESSIONS on Saturday April 11th at South Plantation High School.


  • Interested in dual enrollment next fall?  for information about eligibility, visit www.broward.edu/dual.  NEW Dual Enrollment students, see Mr. Weber in the Main Guidance Office to sign up.  Registration must be completed by Thursday, April 23rd.  Current dual enrollment students, see your counselor to sign up.  All registration forms must be completed for all students by Thursday, April 23rd in order to dual enroll in the fall. Summer registration has ended. 


  • Need to practice for the ACT/SAT?  Contact North Regional Library for SAT/ACT FREE prep classes.  Northwest Regional Library, 954-357-7990, Main Library 954-357-7504




  • Practice for EOC exams:  Visit www.flvs.net/eoc for review session, practice tests and resources



  • If you need to make up credits in order to graduate on time, please see your counselor ASAP.  Night school is available at several locations, you will need a co-enrollment form from your counselor to register.    If you plan to take courses online, sign up now! The deadline for graduation is May 22, 2015, the last day of senior exams. Graduation is June 4th. 




New Graduation Requirements:

New graduation information is available for your review, please find the information and videos on the District’s website:  Click Here to go to the site.

Registration Information

To set up an appointment for registration please call (754)322-1400.  If you were previously enrolled in a Broward County Public School you may not need to provide all of the documents listed below.  Please let the Monarch High staff know when you set up your appointment. 

Required Documents:

One piece of evidence needs to be submitted from this list:

  • Current telephone or electric bill in the name of the parent/guardian enrolling the child.
  • Rent receipt with name of lessor and contact information/mortgage statement.
  • Lease agreement with name of lessor and contact information.
  • Mortgage commitment.
  • Home purchase contract including specified closing date, with copy of deed to be provided within 60 days of closing date.  Note:Closing date should be before the last day of the current semester. 


One piece of evidence needs to be submitted from this list:

  • Automobile insurance.
  • Current Florida Drive License/Florida Identification Card.
  • Cellular telephone bill.
  • Credit card statement.
  • Bank account statement.
  • United States Postal Service confirmation of address change request or evidence of correspondence delivered through U.S. Postal Service.
  • Declaration of Domicile from the County Records Department.


  • A Florida Certificate of Immunization.  The Blue 680 Health Form is needed.
  • Physical Exam.  If your child is entering a Florida Public School for the first time, you must have documentation of a
  • medical examination performed within one year prior to the day of registration by a doctor within the United States.
  • Transcripts of grades or report card from previous school showing proof of promotion.  Students enrolling in exceptional education (ESE) classes, including gifted, must present copies of the most recent Individualized Education Plan (IEP) and psycho educational evaluation. 
  • Date of Birth Verification (birth certificate, passport, or school transcript).
  • Social Security Card (if available).

Additional questions may be directed to the Guidance department at Monarch High School at (754)322-1400 or www.browardschools.com.

Immunization Information


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New Knight? 

If you are a new to Monarch High School, click on the link above to obtain information you need.


Graduation Requirements by Class


Class of 2015

Cass of 2016

Class of 2017

Class of 2018


Grading Scale


Grading Scale
Letter Grade
Quality Points


Calculating your Term Grade


The weight of each quarter grade is 37.50% of the final semester grade.
The weight of the midterm or final examination is 25% of the final semester grade.
To receive a passing grade for the semester, the student must earn a passing grade in:
a. Both quarter grading periods, or
b. One quarter grading period and the semester exam.

Semester Grade Calculations See how your exam grade can affect your semester grade


Online Requirement      

  • You are required to complete one course online to graduate.  One course is either a half credit course such as Driver's Education, Life Management Skills, Psychology, or a full credit course such as Chinese 1 (both segments), Algebra 2 (both segments) -only one segment is not considered a full course so it will not meet the online requirement. 
  • To sign up for a class online, visit www.flvs.net.  See your counselor if you have questions about the courses, segments needed and placement options. 
  • Online full time educationwww.flvsft.com for more information.


Night School


  • If you wish to attend night school, you will need to meet with you counselor to obtain the necessary forms.   
  • Your counselor will need to meet with you to discuss what courses to sign up for. 


Other Graduation Alternatives



Dual Enrollment


  • Students have the option to take courses in College while still in High School if they meet certain eligibility criteria.  Visit www.broward.edu/dual for more information about eligibility and registration information. 
  • To prepare for the PERT, visit www.broward.edu/admissions/testing




Broward Advisors for Continuing Education

Come by the Main Guidance office for assistance with all your post secondary plans and to make an appointment with Ms. Siadman. You may also email her at marilyn.siadman@browardschools.com.

Scholarship and Financial Aid Information

College Financial Aid

Got Mail? Many organizations are targeting you for a piece of the money pie!  Please remember to Beware of Scams! "FAFSA.com" is targeting many students now. Applying for Financial Aid for college is a good thing and we do want all college bound seniors to apply online after January 1st. However it's important to know, when the time comes, go to the official website to apply for financial aid. It's available for FREE at: www.FAFSA.ed.gov.  What sometimes happens...students will google FAFSA because they know they need to do it and the first thing that comes up on the search engine is the .com company... with a hefty fee.

Free Scholarship databases and search engines


Transcripts and Letters of Recommendation


  • Many colleges do not require or take into consideration a letter of recommendation, however, if your college does require a letter of recommendation from your counselor, kindly give us two weeks to prepare your letter and provide us a 'Getting to Know' form (also available in room 264).  Please also provide the address and contact person of the College, University or Scholarship program you are applying for.  Teacher recommendations would also require a two week advance notice.
  • Transcripts are requested in the main Guidance office.  There is a fee charged for transcripts ($1 electronic/$2 hardcopy).  

College and Career Information

  • FLVC.org Information and applications for college, career planning, choosing a major.
  • Remember, if you receive free or reduced lunch, you may be eligible for a fee waiver for your application fees.  See the BRACE Advisor in the Main Guidance office for more information.
  • Monarch High School Profile 2014-2015



Career Information



Technical Schools in Broward County



Area State Colleges and Universities


College Information and searches



College Rankings





  • SAT Information and Test Registration www.sat.collegeboard.com (paper applications available in Guidance)
  • ACT Information and Test Registration www.actstudent.org (paper applications also available in Guidance)
  • 2014-2015 testing calendar
  • Remember, if you receive free or reduced lunch, you are eligible for a fee waiver.  See the BRACE Advisor in the Main Guidance office before the registration deadline.
  • New changes for ACT and SAT admissions:  you MUST bring a valid photo ID and your ticket to be admitted on test day.  You will no longer be admitted to the test center without a valid ID even if the staff knows who you are. Also, plan ahead, you will no longer be able to register as a standby on test day.  See the SAT/ACT section below for information and links to the sites for more details.
  • New, Redesigned SAT
    The College Board announced a significant overhaul of the SAT college admission test.  These changes will affect current high school freshmen who plan to take the test as juniors in two years. The following link compares the current SAT to the redesigned SAT. Sample questions and test examples for the new test have not yet been released.
  •  http://apps.washingtonpost.com/g/page/local/key-shifts-of-the-sat-redesign/858/

Test Preparation:

Below are a few sites that can help you prepare for your tests.  Some are free and others will charge a fee. You can also go to the library or bookstore to get the SAT and ACT prep books.


  • etutor -Free online homework help    www.broward.org/library
  • Mu Alpha Theta students offer free peer tutoring for Math on Mondays from 2:45 t0 3:45 in room 267.
  • www.khanacademy.org.  Learn almost anything for free.  This website has a library of thousands of videos covering many subjects that you can learn at your own pace.
  • www.patrickjmt.com Free & useful math videos

Student Support Services


Family Counseling Program:

Free Counseling services available to all broward county students and their families.

Dr. Renae Lapin 754-322-1462  Office at Monarch HS

Volunteer Service

All volunteer service requirement information and forms are available in the Main Guidance Office. 

Voluntees Service Coordinators:

  • Yenny Hak (yenny.hak@browardschools.com) for students A-G
  • Rhea Cardinale (rhea.cardinale@browardschools.com) for students H-O
  • Joanne Ulrich (joanne.ulrich@browardschools.com) for students P-Z


  • 40 hours needed to fulfill the Service Learning Graduation Requirement for graduation.
  • All Monarch Knights may begin to acquire service hours in the summer following their graduation from 8th grade.
  • For further information, go to the School Board's website and click on "School Info" the third item in the right hand column entitled "Service Learning-High School" contains the program guidelines, the Application and Approval Form and Log sheet.
  • For ideas on places that may require student assistance, check out the website www.volunteerbroward.org and click on Student Volunteer Guide. There are nearly 200 nonprofit agencies listed as needing students to perform volunteer service.
  • You don’t need to stop at 40 hours! Remember that you need 100 hours to qualify for the Florida Bright Futures Academic Scholars Award. In addition, students can earn Silver Cord honors recognition at graduation with 250 volunteer service hours.
  • www.SERVEnet.org
  • All hours must be pre approved prior to performing the volunteer service. You may download the approval form or pick one up in the main Guidance office.  Fill out parts A, B, & C and submit to Guidance. If your project is approved, you will be given a log sheet to be signed by the appropriate person in charge at your volunteer site.
  • Seniors must turn in documentation of completing 40 hours of community service by May 15, 2015. The 40 hours of community service IS a graduation requirement.
  • The deadline for seniors to turn in documentation of 250 Community Service hours for Silver cord recognition is April 17, 2015. Silver cords are special ordered each year therefore exceptions CANNOT be made.

Below are some local opportunities:

  • Check the Main Guidance Office for new Volunteer Service opportunities.


  • Tomorrow's Rainbow
    A non-profit organization located in Coconut Creek. Through the use of miniature horses and ponies, bereaved children re-learn how to trust, remember how to smile and are guided towards happiness. Any student that is interested please contact the Volunteer Coordinator, Vicky Reid at trvolunteer@aol.com or call the volunteer hotline at 954-657-8933, for the Volunteer application visit www.tomorrowsrainbow.com.  Tomorrow's Rainbow, Inc. 4341 NW 39th Ave.  Coconut Creek, FL33073


  • Broward Public Library/Century Plaza Branch
    The Century Plaza Branch is looking for Portuguese speaking high school students who need service hours to tutor Portuguese speaking children in elementary school. This program will be held on school days form 3:30pm - 4:45pm at the library. The volunteers must fill in a volunteer application, attend an orientation and agree to commit to a schedule to help children with their homework. The Students will be from grades one through five. Emphasis will be on reading skills. If any students are interested, please contact Maureen Ruiz @ 954-360-1331.


  • Lyons Creek Middle School
    Lyons Creek Middle is looking for Spanish speaking students to tutor students that have Spanish I or Spanish II classes at the middle school. Any interested students should contact Mr. Satty @ 754-322-3717.


  • Forest Glen Middle School is looking for Spanish-English or Creole-English speaking students who would like to earn service hours tutoring ELL middle school students once a week.  For information please contact Tiffany Barnett at 754-322-3408
  • City of Coconut Creek Recreation Department
    City of Coconut Creek has events throughout the month to earn service hours. Please call 954-956-1580 for more information.


  • Margate Health Care Center
    Margate Health care Center needs volunteers any day after school until 5PM and on Saturday & Sunday until 5PM. Any interested students should contact the Activities Dept. and ask for DEE or JESSICA at 954-979-6401.

English Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) Information


September Flyer

October Flyer

November Flyer


Questions/comments about the Guidance page please email our Guidance Director at tom.weber@browardschools.com.