Grad Bash 2011- Friday, April 15th!!!

Rules and Dress Code: going to Grad Bash will meet in the auditorium at 1:30 p.m. will be returning to school at 6:30 a.m. on Saturday, April 16th. Your ride must be on time picking you up! must be in school ALL day on April 15th to go to Grad BashÉno signing in or out, no tardies, NO EXCEPTIONS! is best if you do not drive to school that day- Have someone drop you off so you do not have to leave your car unattended in the school lot over night. Security will NOT be provided in the parking lot. You park at your own risk. MUST HAVE A PHOTO I.D. TO BOARD THE BUSES aware that all personal articles are subject to inspection by SBBC staff. To ensure safety for all, local law enforcement will provide dogs as needed for discovery of any illegal substances. Only very small purses will be permitted on the bus. you get on the bus you will NOT be permitted off for any reason. You must ride your assigned bus to and from Grad Bash. If the bus driver stops at a rest stop, students WILL NOT be allowed to leave the bus. The Broward County Code of Conduct is in effect, this including the drug and weapon policy. If you break these rules you will not be returning on the bus and a parent will need to pick you up in Orlando. are NOT allowed on the bus or at the Park- leave them at home. following things are NOT allowed on the bus: smoking, alcoholic beverages, drugs, thermos jugs, water bottles, containers, coolers, pillows, electronic games of any type, food, drinks, or hats of any kind. In other words, bring yourself and maybe a sweater for the bus (the bus gets cold on the way home). YOU ARE TAKING ANY TYPE OF MEDICATION THAT IS LISTED ON YOUR PERMISSION FORM (THIS IS THE ONLY MEDICATION YOUÕRE ALLOWED TO BRING), you must get a special medical form from your class sponsors and have it with you when you load the bus (otherwise the medication will be confiscated). REFUNDS, NO EXCEPTIONS.