the Monarch High School Environmental Club



Article I – Name


            The name of the organization shall be ‘The Environmental Club’.


Article II – Purposes


-       To provide students with experience and opportunities in the environmental field and compassion outreach.

-  To provide service hour projects.

-       To better educate Monarch High School's community about issues relating to the environment.

-       To establish techniques to make our community a more sustainable living environment.


Article III – Membership


Membership in the Environmental Club shall be open to any student of MHS with an interest in the environment and who demonstrates this interest through active participation in the organization.


Article IV – Officers


The officers of this organization shall be President, Vice President, Secretary, Historian and Treasurer.  At the discretion of the Environmental Club members, positions may be combined.


Article V – Elections and Appointments


A.   Procedure

1.     The officers of this organization shall be elected annually by the organization at the end of the school year.

2.     Candidates must have been active members the previous year (active member:  paid dues during first semester, participated in at least 2 projects)

3.     A majority vote of the members present shall be required to elect a member to office.


B.    Removal from Office

If any officer fails to fulfill their obligations and duties to the group, she/he may be removed from office by a two-thirds vote of the members.  Vacancy of any office shall be filled by the runner-up or re-election, if necessary.


Article VI – Powers and Duties of Officers


Section 1:  The duties of the President shall be to call and preside at all meetings, call special meetings, and to act as the official head in all matters in which the organization in concerned. 


Section 2:  The duties of the Vice-President shall be to preside over meetings when the President is absent, to aid the President in coordinating events, and to keep all members up to date with club proceedings.


Section 3:  The duties of the Secretary shall be to take attendance at meetings, to take charge of all correspondence (announcements of meetings), and to record club minutes.


Section 4:  The duties of the Treasurer shall be to collect all funds of the organization.


Section 5:  The duties of the Historian shall be to document all projects.  Pictures will be posted on the club website and added to the club scrapbook


Section 6: All officers must regularly attend meetings.  Absence from a meeting must be discussed with the sponsor.  Officers are permitted two absences before removal of office.


Article VII – Meetings


            Section 1:  Meetings shall be held from September until May.


Section 2:  Regular meetings of the Environmental Club shall be held after school on Mondays.  Attendance is not mandatory, but certainly preferred.


Section 3:  Students should visit the club website for upcoming projects and announcements, if they are unable to attend the meeting.


Article VIII – Finances


Section 1:  Financial resources may be gained through the use of dues, fundraisers, donations, and any other moneymaking projects unanimously approved by the members.


Section 2:  Club members must vote/discuss any disbursement of funds for fundraising, donations, club spirit, etc.


Article IX – Membership


            Section 1:  The title “member” is achieved once the annual dues have been paid.


Section 2:  “Active members” are those who have paid dues, attend meetings regularly, and have participated in at least two projects.


Article X- Projects


Section I:  Projects may be proposed by the sponsor, members, or potential    members.


Section II:  Projects cannot be definitively defined, but will include:  Beach Clean-Ups, fundraisers, donation drives, etc.


Section III:  Students may earn service hours for their participation in projects, except when the project is designed to raise money for the club’s personal use.


Section IV:  Some projects may require committees and committee chair(s)


Article XI- Committees


            Section I:  Committees will be formed as needed and participation is optional.


Section II:  Committees may be required to meet outside of scheduled club meetings and may have additional responsibilities to fulfill on their own time.  This time is redeemable as service hours, but must be validated by the committee chair.


Section III: The sponsor must approve all Committee Chairs.  Committee chair(s) will appoint responsibilities pertaining to the project, schedule meetings, and validate time redeemable for service hours to the sponsor.



Article XII– Amendments to or Revision of the By-Laws


Section 1:  Amendments to or revisions of the by-laws of the Environmental Club may be suggested by any member and discussed at a meeting of the organization. 


Section 2:  The proposed amendments must be approved by a two-thirds majority of the active members of the organization.